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By participating in Morning Raaga and Sleep with Gratitude sessions :
1) I am learning to love myself along with my weakness.
2) I am learning to forgive myself and others and be connected with people around me ( learning to respect their views,  though I don't agree with whatever they say)
3) I am learning to slow down and take on things one by one and step by step - which I felt was very much required in the present phase of my life.
4) I am learning to listen and contribute to people
5) I am learning to adapt new ways of being to address the challenges in my daily life
6) I am reading many new books thru' Padma's treasure trove.
7) I have participated in 4 seasons continuously till now and each season is unique and highly contributing 

I acknowledge Padma and Yamini for the extraordinary contribution they are doing to people's lives. I am blessed to be in the MR+SWG session.

- Smitha

Treasre trove
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